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FICO Network (formerly ScoreNet)

FICO's data exchange platform, has a new name - FICO Network.

Our multi-industry data exchange platform will continue to provide unparalleled access between partners and clients using any of the FICO Network services.

Using state-of-the-art distributed network technologies, the FICO Network solutions enable you to:

  • Securely communicate and exchange data with business and industry partners—in real time
  • Access business-critical data from the leading traditional and non-traditional sources
  • Amplify that data with industry-leading analytics
  • Leverage FICO technologies and solutions for Decision Management


Who are we:
FICO (NYSE:FICO) provides the leading solutions and technologies for Enterprise Decision Management, giving businesses worldwide the power to make smarter decisions.

Asset Remarketing

The Asset Repossession and Remarketing solution provides clients and third party vendors with the ability to exchange information throughout the repossession and remarketing process, including:

  • New repossession or remarketing assignments.
  • Updates from clients and vendors during the pursuit and sale of the asset.
  • Repossession reports and invoices.

FICO Network Portal

Recent changes to the FICO Network infrastructure has resulted in the creation of a specialized portal for the Asset Remarketing service. Due to this change, the DPS and Forum FICO Network services are no longer included in the service selection drop down list. Please use the following link to access the logon screen and portal for these services: FICO Network Portal In addition to the new portal, we have made several security updates to our password policy, including but not limited to:

  • Passwords may not contain the username.
  • Passwords must contain upper case letters, lower case letters and at least 1 number.